william shakespeare

The Art of Reframing Shakespeare’s Legacy

In early 2023, John Davies Framing commenced a significant project in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery, focusing on a prized portrait of William Shakespeare associated with artist John Taylor. The mission was to create a frame reflecting a more reserved style, harmoniously encapsulating the rich historical essence of the portrait.

The selected design was a North European oak Cassetta frame, painted black with a gold sight edge. Every aspect, from toning to distressing, was meticulously crafted to meet the precise requirements set forth by the Gallery.

Unveiled during the grand reopening of the National Portrait Gallery on 23rd June 2023, and now residing in room 3, floor 3, the re-framed portrait continues to be a bridge between the past and the present, drawing admiration from every visitor. Through such endeavours, John Davies Framing showcases its deep-rooted tradition in preserving historical treasures with a touch of timeless elegance.